Simon Wright


Simon Wright (1978-Present) was born in Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Northumberland, and grew up travelling around England following his Prison Officer father. After a brief foray into the Performing Arts (curtailed due to his need for money to purchase food!), he found himself undertaking a stint in the British Army. Struggling to find fulfilment, he completed his minimum period of service and transferred into the Royal Air Force. Spending 21 years in the field of Communication Electronics, he is currently a commissioned officer engineering manager.

Setting out on his writing journey took time and encouragement from those closest to him but now, with his debut epic fantasy trilogy completed and available for all to share, the bit is firmly between his teeth to produce the wealth of ideas brewing inside him. His own interests span a variety of genres, as will his written works, and he is a firm believer that readers of any field should find his work accessible and engaging through strong characters and enjoyable themes.

He is passionate about cinema (which influences how he writes) and loves all types of film but none more than purely escapist, popcorn-munching blockbusters in the genres of Sci-Fi, Sword & Sorcery and Superheroes.

He is supported by his wife, Kerry, two eldest sons, Ryan and Kieran (already old enough to have moved out and onto their own futures), daughter Amber, and three youngest sons, Reece, Deacon and Brendan. And there would be an almighty uproar if his young grandsons, Ethan and Gwion failed to receive a mention!

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