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Kal is an Ascendant, a warrior with powerful abilities trained to protect the Queen and her floating empire.  But when a mysterious kid shows up, one that only he can see, Kal’s life is thrown upside down.  Join him for his adventure filled with monsters, heists, and the unforgettable people he meets along the way.  Read More!


What does an adventurous gnome, a princess-turned-thief, and a teddybear assassin all have in common? Well…nothing really. But when the quirky fantasy realm of Albanon is beset with an unspeakable evil, these hapless heroes and more will have to band together to fight deadly monsters and save the world. And there’s a cute sentient cactus. Did I mention the cactus? What’s not to love about that?  Read More!




Festival cruise ship Emerald Rose takes a lone survivor aboard after a daring rescue.  But only too late do they realize the survivor isn’t who, or what, he appears to be, and that his intentions are less than kind or grateful.  Join the hapless survivors as they face off against true evil and impossible creatures in their desperate struggle to survive the night.  Read more!


A father takes his son to a mountain town to live with his ex wife for the summer. What they find is a town that is vacant, but far from empty.  Read More!


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When the Hollow Men came, humanity fell. Forced to scrape out an existence from the rubble with the rest of the survivors, Jonah Byerly struggles to get by. Hunted by dark murderous things, he yearns for something more—a hope from civilization long past, for love and acceptance. But Jonah isn’t like the others as much as he would like to be. He harbors a secret, a shadow in his soul that could revive humanity…or see it drown in the endless hunger of the Hollow Men.  Read More!

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After the murder of his best friend, Peter Barrie seeks revenge against the head of a criminal empire, none other than Los Angeles’ mayor J.M. Hook. See the exciting, gritty, and realistic retelling of J.M. Barrie’s classic story that asks the question, ‘what if Peter Pan became a vigilante superhero, and will he be able to sacrifice innocence for revenge?’ Fans of beloved vigilante series like The Dark Knight and Daredevil will be right at home in this shadowy beat-em-up thriller!  Read More!


Peter Barrie continues his quest for revenge against Mayor J.M. Hook and his criminal empire in this exciting, gritty, vigilante superhero reimagining of J.M. Barrie’s classic tale! This is the second issue in the bestselling series.  Read More!


Peter gains new allies and enemies as he learns the true scope of Hook’s criminal scheme. This is the third issue in the bestselling comic book series The Lost Boy!  Read More!


Peter learns the truth about Hook’s past and wrestles with his own. Things are complicated further as he encounters a potential new ally in this exciting continuation of the bestselling The Lost Boy series!  Read More!


Peter encounters a dangerous new foe in his quest to take revenge against Hook. Lily decides to join Peter on this new outing. Will the two of them be enough to stop the evil that is The Shadow? Join them in the exciting fifth entry of the bestselling The Lost Boy series!  Read More!

Peter must confront his past as he battles to save Lily from Hook in this exciting conclusion to The Lost Boy Season 1!  Read More!



AXIOM is the exciting follow up to Nexus.  Return to a post apocalyptic world with deadly machines and the hapless survivors that struggle to survive from them!

THE SIXTH ASCENDANT follows Kal and the rest as they battle their biggest threat yet!

ICARUS sees the return of The Organization as another small town is under threat from their boundless and unethical disregard for humanity.

SILLY QUESTS FROM ALBANON is a quirky romp through the land of Albanon filled with odd denizens and deadly monsters!