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Kal is an Ascendant, a warrior with powerful abilities trained to protect the Queen and her floating empire.  But when a mysterious kid shows up, one that only he can see, Kal’s life is thrown upside down.  Join him for his adventure filled with monsters, heists, and the unforgettable people he meets along the way.  Read More!





Festival cruise ship Emerald Rose takes a lone survivor aboard after a daring rescue.  But only too late do they realize the survivor isn’t who, or what, he appears to be, and that his intentions are less than kind or grateful.  Join the hapless survivors as they face off against true evil and impossible creatures in their desperate struggle to survive the night.  Read more!



A father takes his son to a mountain town to live with his ex wife for the summer. What they find is a town that is vacant, but far from empty.  Read More!




SILLY TALES FROM ALBANON is a collection of unrelated short stories set in a unique fantasy world that all build toward an ultimate ending.  Available in 2018!