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Welcome to the Reef, a place for Shrimp to give and gain honest reviews!  Give enough reviews and you’ll gain rewards too like free books (or your book being bought) and Shrimp Tank tickets.  Check out the Rules and Rewards below and have fun supporting a starving author!

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When King Lortar discovers a savage cult performing heathen rites, he’s forced to battle a foe he never imagined: his own son. Surrounded by enemies, Lortar is trapped in a world of treachery and betrayal, where mercy is vice and malice is glory.

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Reef Rulez

  • All reviews are vetted by me before they’re allowed to be posted.

  • I will contact you with an invite to The Reef when I’m ready to upload you to it.

  • You are welcome to be honest and leave a negative review, but please remember to be kind and respectful.  Overly harsh or vulgar reviews will not be posted.

  • You may post short reviews, even one sentence, but general copy and paste reviews will not be counted in the reward system (so things written only with ‘it was good’ will not be counted).

  • Be sure to add your name to the review as you would like the public to see it so I can give you credit in our rewards system.

  • You are more than welcome to review people’s work without purchasing it, just take the time to read the available free chapters if there are any (we as authors know that getting people to pick up the novel in the first place is 80 percent of the battle so we’re more than happy to have you visit).

  • You are not required to post your review on Amazon or Goodreads to get credit on Diabolic Shrimp, but keep in mind your review on those sites really helps authors out a lot (positive or negative).  To get credit on Diabolic Shrimp, simply post your review in the comments section on that book’s page.

  • Have some fun!  Your voice matters here and I love to hear from all of you! 🙂

Reef Rewardz

  • 1 Review–Be permanently entered into a drawing each month to have your book bought (or have a book bought for you)

  • 10 Reviews–Be permanently entered into another drawing each month to have your book bought (in addition to other drawings you are in)

  • 25 Reviews–Be permanently entered into ANOTHER drawing each month to have your book bought (in addition to other drawings you are in).  Also gain Shrimp Tank tickets.

  • 50 Reviews–I will buy and review one of your books (or buy a book for you)!  This is in addition to the services I normally provide on Diabolic Shrimp.

  • Give the first review for a book that doesn’t have one yet–Get permanently entered into a drawing to have your book bought (or a book bought for you) for being an honorable first reviewer!

  • Be the last person to review a book that month–Be entered into a drawing to have your book bought that month.  The author you reviewed will also be entered into a drawing to have their book bought too!

  • Post Reviews here and elsewhere–Make an author smile!

Reef Authorz

Joshua Grant


Mehreen Ahmed                           Stuart Aken                           Rich Allan
Nadishka Aloysius                          Shrimp                          Shrimp


Sarah Baethge                          J.W. Barlament                          Sean Benham
Justin Bienvenue                            Mark Bierman                           Mat Blackwell
Shrimp                          William Burt                          Shrimp


Shrimp                          Rita Lee Chapman                          WC Clinton


Shrimp                          Shrimp                          Dr. A.R. Davis
Azaaa Davis                          Tony Leslie Duxbury                          Shrimp


Shrimp                          Barbara Ehrentreu                          J.D. Evergreen


Shrimp                          Devorah Fox                          Shrimp


Shrimp                          Prasad Gogada                          Prabhu Guptara


Shrimp                          Lynn Hallbrooks                          Kevin Hensley
Laura Hepworth                          Benjamin Hope                          Karen Horsley


Shrimp                          Shrimp                          Shrimp


E Ryan Janz                          Sarah Jordan                          Shrimp


Lori Katherine                          Peter Kazmaier                          D.M. Kirtaime
Shrimp                          Kelley                          Mikhaeyla Kopievsky


Shrimp                          Dale E Lehman                          Shrimp
Charles Freedom Long                          Michelle Lowe                          J.K. Lutes


Paulette Mahurin                          Jacob Malick                          David McElroy


Shrimp                          Danielle Novotny                          Shrimp


Shrimp                          Nancy O’Hare                          Shrimp


JD Park                          Patricia Mather Parker                          C.R. Pugh


Shrimp                          Shrimp                          Shrimp


Shrimp                          Steve Romano                          Catrin Russell


S.T. Sanchez                          Shanna Swenson                          Maxine Sylvester
Jolene Skvarek                          Shrimp                          Shrimp


Shrimp                          Barbara G. Tarn                          Shrimp


Shrimp                          Shrimp                          Shrimp


Shrimp                          Shrimp                          Shrimp


Shrimp                          Allan Walsh                          Vicky Whedbee


Shrimp                          Lin Xiao Long                          Shrimp


Shrimp                          Shrimp                          Shrimp


Shrimp                          KI Zachopoulos                          Shrimp