Hey Shrimp Team!  It typically takes me a week or two to upload you (part of my process of getting to know you personally).  I’m happy you’re here!

Each month, Diabolic Shrimp gives away at least one book to readers, and we have a cash prize for the reader who leaves the most reviews on Diabolic Shrimp each year (see the Shrimpy Awards tab for details).  When authors sign up, Diabolic Shrimp eventually buys/downloads their book and provides a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Diabolic Shrimp!  There are also free advertising opportunities outlined in the welcome letter after joining.  Diabolic Shrimp is an entirely free service so come join us!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Diabolic Shrimp does not share your personal information with anyone, nor do we partner with outside services.  This is also a free service and will not ask you for money or personal information (other than the fields listed below).


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