Diabolic Shrimp is an imprint created by Joshua Grant dedicated to making excellent books of all genres, while also making a meaningful difference in the world.  Each of Josh’s books gives 10% of its profits to a noteworthy cause such as ocean exploration, disease research, and renewable energy.

Joshua Grant


Joshua Grant is a self proclaimed Bond villain and a thousandaire philanthropist (like a billionaire philanthropist, just with a lot less money).  He has survived a flash flood, encountered numerous bears, and sailed the ocean blue.  Josh loves to read, write, play video games, and occasionally read up on the crazy science that’s happening in the world, but most of all he loves just getting people together to love, laugh, and grow alongside each other.  Currently, Josh makes a living teaching and working with kids in various environments, with the occasional novel always in the works.  To learn about his work, click on the My Books page.