701 Life Lessons

Unlock the power of life lessons and transform your perspective with 701 Life Lessons – the inspiring self-help book that will help you achieve your dreams. Overcome challenges and find your unique role in the world. Learn from life’s experiences, lower prejudice and judgment, and empower your greatest self in this chaotic world. … More 701 Life Lessons

Veillen Review

Veillen Shanna Bosarge Shanna Bosarge expands on the wonderfully deep and tense fantasy series The Elemental Union with Veillen!  Sterling is haunted by her imprisonment and the events of book 1.  She tries to move on, scraping out a life with Brom as he attempts to train young new warriors, but an evil army bent … More Veillen Review

Once and For All

Once and For All Daniel Mora Daniel Mora brings us a really comprehensive, honest, and easy-to-read guide to losing weight in a healthy way with Once and For All!  I really like how this guide gets away from ‘dieting’ and instead focuses on healthy versus unhealthy.  We see this throughout the different easy-to-navigate sections of … More Once and For All

Spontania Issue 2: A Big Conspiracy in a Small Town Review

Spontania Issue 2: A Big Conspiracy in a Small Town Carl Paolino Carl Paolino returns superhero comics to the glory days of gorgeous art and masterful storytelling with the exciting second issue of Spontania!  A town is rocked by a recent school shooting, but the near tragedy may only be a front for something more … More Spontania Issue 2: A Big Conspiracy in a Small Town Review


SHARING YOUR STORY GIVES YOU POWER Through the stories of others, we aim to inspire, heal, enlighten, and nurture the human spirit. This platform was created to share personal nonfiction stories, daily diary activities, and open letters.   Whether you’re looking for a moral compass or a brave step to heal your heart, this platform … More YouOpenUp.com