Benjamin Hope

Benjamin Hope is the debut author of gothic fantasy, The Procurement of Souls, about the exploits of two opposing bio-alchemists, as one seeks the ability to stop time; the other, mass mind-control. His sequel, A New Religion, is due for release in 2019 and he is also currently working on a collection of cautionary fairy tales, … More Benjamin Hope

Questioning Your Way to Faith

Questioning Your Way to Faith explores some of the most difficult and polarizing questions facing our world today. The setting is the fictional campus of the University of Halcyon-before the cataclysmic event described in the novel, The Halcyon Dislocation. Readers trace the arguments as two friends-each possessing a radically different worldview and philosophy-talk with candour, … More Questioning Your Way to Faith

The Halcyon Dislocation

After a risky physics experiment transports the island University of Halcyon to a new world, engineer Dave Schuster and his fellow students struggle to survive in this alien, hostile environment. As tyrannical forces within the University use the catastrophe to strengthen their power and control, Dave encounters an even greater menace which threatens the very … More The Halcyon Dislocation

Peter Kazmaier

Peter Kazmaier is the award-winning author of three books. His newest novel THE BATTLE FOR HALCYON won the 2016 WORD AWARD in the Novel category SPECULATIVE FICTION. This sequel to THE HALCYON DISLOCATION follows the fate of the University of Halcyon and the splinter colony Eleytheria as they fight for survival. THE HALCYON CYCLE is … More Peter Kazmaier

The Birthing Tree

Ravaging the drought-stricken world of Lucambra, dragons have trapped Prince Elwyn and the royal family inside their tower. Hope is dwindling when Elwyn unearths an ancient urn containing a mysterious relic and clues to Lucambra’s plight. Fending off relentless foes bent on stealing the relic, Elwyn joins forces with a princess scarred by her dark … More The Birthing Tree

Kyleah’s Mirrors

While helping her father tap maple trees for syrup, Kyleah awakens an ancient evil slumbering in the mountains above her village. Fulfilling her prophetic destiny, she seeks the fabled firebird to combat this scourge she has unleashed upon the two-legged race. Throughout her harrowing quest, she must learn to trust the King as she becomes … More Kyleah’s Mirrors

The Downs

Trapped in a phantom forest filled with deadly creatures of the cold, Owen son of Tadwyn leads Lucambra’s royal family into a forbidden faery kingdom. Sentenced to death for unwittingly destroying the hallowed Glynnspire Cave, Owen and his companions become the Spirewalker of Feirian’s unwilling guests. As the long-awaited “”shepherd’s son,”” Owen is called upon … More The Downs

The Greenstones

Merryn, the ailing daughter of Beechtown’s brewmaster, is betrayed by her own kin after her father mysteriously disappears up the River Foamwater. Sold into slavery, she is captured by a band of notorious outlaws who haunt the Forest of Fellglade, a marshy woods north of Beechtown. Beyond death’s door, she finds wholeness in a nameless … More The Greenstones