Indirect Objects

Joe Lehrer and Lexan Warner’s lives appear as perfect as suburban Stradford where they teach. He is hailed a hero for thwarting a child abuse conspiracy. She has finally found security in a man who loves her. But retaliation and the violent opioid crisis overwhelm the community and force them to question their relationship and … More Indirect Objects

Personal Pronouns

Personal Pronouns is a mystery novel with suspenseful action and crisp dialogue like the classic PI novels of Robert B. Parker. The main character of this mystery, Joe Lehrer, is an amateur sleuth with faith and romance issues, reminiscent of Sydney Chambers in the traditional British amateur sleuth series, the Grantchester Mysteries. Lehrer blames himself … More Personal Pronouns

David Allen Edmonds

David Allen Edmonds spent most of his working life as a high school German teacher, but wrote two educational TV series for the Cleveland PBS affiliate, and spent a summer in Hollywood on the writing staff of an ABC-Paramount show, Out of the Blue. Teaching remains his first love, and his experiences in the classroom … More David Allen Edmonds

Sea Glass Hearts

There is something innately romantic and magical about the sea. It’s a place to fall in love. It’s also a place to mend your broken heart. Find poems of love, lust, heartache, and the sea in Sea Glass Hearts, a Stormy Island Publishing poetry anthology. Read Sea Glass Hearts!

The Secret Door

A pixie named Nae continues her adventures with her human friend Benny. They find a secret door that leads to a new friend. An interactive children’s book. Read The Secret Door!

Salty Tales

The sea has a way of speaking to your soul, of casting its captivating spell and drawing you to its sandy shores. Dive into this multi-genre collection of sea-themed stories to discover what secrets are kept beneath the waves. Sirens, mermaids, and beach-combing serial killers are just a few of the characters you will meet … More Salty Tales