Sapphire City

The world has changed… Twenty-five years ago, The Tempest destroyed all electronic based technology, forcing mankind into a desperate race for survival. As the dust of war and rebuilding settled, a far more peaceful, simpler world emerged from the ashes. A world Detective Travis Lumen is happy to live in. But when he’s called upon … More Sapphire City

Eyes of the Galaxy

Eight years ago, Earth and humanity was caught in the middle between two warring alien races. Only after one race was destroyed and the surface of the Earth with it did the war end. With the surface destroyed it drove humanity underground. At least, that’s what Tera Ward and the rest of the colonists were … More Eyes of the Galaxy

Jolene Skvarek

Jolene Skvarek is a huge geek. She loves Anime, comics, video games and cosplay. After spending 14 years as an American comic book penciller and telling others stories. Jolene decided to shift careers into telling her own stories. She is now following her dreams of telling stories wether its in YA Novel form or Manga. … More Jolene Skvarek

Make the Best of Your Life

‘Bahujan’, simply, means ‘majority people’.  So, these letters are to the majority of our young people, who are struggling to fulfil their dream, strangled as they are by political shenanigans, bureaucratic hurdles, and cultural restrictions. The word ‘Bahujan’ is often used to refer to people from the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes … More Make the Best of Your Life

Prabhu Guptara

For the most unusual perspectives, you have to read Prabhu Guptara and, unlike most writers, Prabhu has never confined himself to one genre or one theme. His business-related work includes Top Executive Teams in the Global 100 Companies and their IT-Competence, and The Basic Arts of Marketing (Portuguese translation: As artes basicas do marketing). he … More Prabhu Guptara

The Good Goblin

Not all goblins are bad.To be sure, most goblins are, but Ben is not like most goblins. He doesn’t have the same abilities, isn’t interested in causing mischief, and most disgraceful of all, has a secret admiration of everything human.Tired of not fitting in with his own kind, Ben escapes to the nearby human city … More The Good Goblin

David McElroy

David McElroy is a writer and designer who has been creating stories in one way or another since childhood. A chance pickup at an elementary school book fair began his fascination with goblins, and he’s always believed they could be more than simple fodder for stalwart adventurers. The Good Goblin The Unseen Market: A … More David McElroy