The Abode

The children of the Abode know nothing of the past, future, family or home. Their world is a cold house with a bare yard, surrounded by mists. The children work, eat (never enough), sleep, and obey. Until one of them doesn’t obey. Although she believes they will kill her, a girl named Fel runs into … More The Abode


An abandoned cottage, a magical cat tree, a portal to another world. After her divorce, Jessica moves into a family heirloom, a cottage belonging to her aunt who vanished fifty years ago without trace. Welcomed by a stray cat, or so she presumes, she’ll soon discover things are not always what they look like in … More Otherside


No politics, no religion, no families. Strange disappearances. Memory losses that make no sense. Bel lives in Rainbow Town, a multi-level underground settlement for survivors of the Apocalypse that wiped out 21st century civilization. But when she tries to contact her ex, he has vanished. Raj feels uncomfortable in Rainbow Town. His memory losses leave … More Brainwaves

Rajveer the Vampire

A “sun clan” warrior can never become a true child of darkness. Turned into a bloodsucker by an ancient Celtic vampire, Rajveer, a proud Rajput warrior of a Suryavanshi clan in 14th century India, becomes almost invulnerable when he drinks enemy’s blood. Immortal, he loses his family to war and time and travels through northern … More Rajveer the Vampire


It’s hard to kill when you’re a telepath. Unless your feelings and empathy are frozen by grief. Iso-bel “Icy” Aya Shermac lost her home planet at twenty to a cosmic catastrophe. Five years later she joins the adventurers and rogues to start earning a living. Hitwoman, mercenary, bounty hunter, Icy Aya tackles her first missions … More Adventurer

Barbara G. Tarn

Barbara G.Tarn had an intense life in the Middle Ages that stuck to her through the centuries. She prefers swords to guns, long gowns to mini-skirts, and even though she buried the warrior woman, she deplores the death of knights in shining chainmail. She likes to think her condo apartment is a medieval castle, unfortunately … More Barbara G. Tarn

The Illumination Query

What makes someone a monster? The zookeeper Ronald Carpenter needs help recovering his escaped charges and is grateful when the secretive Eclipse company steps in to help. Little does Ronald know just how nefarious a company they really are and why they have such expertise in taking unwilling subjects captive. Can their offer of a … More The Illumination Query