Beauty of Being

We believe that thought can solve all human problems. Is our belief true? If it is true why mankind progressing tremendously in technological field at the same time failing to end destructive wars, innumerable divisions, conflicts, poverty, corruption, global warming, self centered activity? Are these not product of human thought? How can we end the … More Beauty of Being

Tooned Out

If you ever thought the life of a cartoon character was one of ease and unbridled joy, think again. Janey the Robot and her pals have to work plenty to earn their keep, and they know it. Which is why they take it the wrong way when they learn their show has been cancelled. Told … More Tooned Out

Murder’s Not Cool

In the coastal town of Rocky Cove, nothing interesting ever happens. And, if you’re part of a group of kids at school that aren’t exactly among the most popular, life can move at an even slower pace. So, when a group of friends discover the body of one of their friends washed up on the … More Murder’s Not Cool

Motor City Wolf

Detroit. A tough town, where you have to be tough to survive. And few are tougher in facing the realities of the streets than the Firebird Scouts of Wayne County. But, are they tough enough to deal with the supernatural – in the form of a werewolf aiming to eat them up? A short work … More Motor City Wolf