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Diabolic Shrimp is an imprint dedicated to making a tangible difference for humankind while also pumping out some fun literature. ¬†Each of my publications dedicates a percentage of its profits to a meaningful cause. ¬†Additionally, Diabolic Shrimp seeks to send shrimp to space, but that hasn’t happened…yet.

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Night has fallen.

After a string of disappearances, the mountain town of Shadow Pines itself seems to have fallen off the map. In a desperate search for her brother, police officer Angela Way makes her way to the small town only to find that this is unlike any case she has investigated before.

Coby Warren has been receiving strange texts lately, desperate yearning invitations from his mother calling him to Shadow Pines, a mother that never enjoyed his brief summer visits before. But this stay is certainly not like the others and Coby will have to figure out what his family’s twisted history has to do with the bizarre recent events in Shadow Pines if he has any hope of surviving the night.

Night has fallen on a town that is vacant but far from empty. Join the hapless survivors as they struggle to uncover its secrets, secrets that could very well ensure humanity has no dawn.

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