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Welcome to Joshua Grant’s official author website!

Diabolic Shrimp is an imprint dedicated to making a tangible difference for humankind while also pumping out some fun literature.  Each of my publications dedicates a percentage of its profits to a meaningful cause.  Additionally, Diabolic Shrimp seeks to send shrimp to space, but that hasn’t happened…yet.

Check out My Books to see my work, or Our Difference to see what each book’s percentage is going to.  You can also check out the Comics page to read some free episodes from my bestselling comic series!

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Though they may seem different, all zombie apocalypses are actually connected by one bloody thread.  Another Zombie Apocalypse tugs at that thread, exploring a series of short zombie stories that have very different takes on the classic zombie formula, all of the seemingly separate stories building towards a grand reveal that connects all zombie universes.  Follow a personal service robot as he ponders human existence during the outbreak.  Watch as a heroic family evades the large and sinister creature that stalks them.  See an immune soldier hunt the elusive Patient Zero.  Come slay with two vampire brothers fighting for survival against a zombie plague infected vampire.  All these stories and more play out in the visionary comic series from bestselling author and comic creator Josh Grant and award-winning artist Laszlo Nemeth!  Due out in October 2022!  Come join the Kickstarter campaign and be DRAWN into the comic as a ZOMBIE!

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Cover Ebook
Peter must confront his past as he battles to save Lily from Hook in this exciting conclusion to The Lost Boy Season 1!

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You can read the first episode of The Lost Boy for free HERE!

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The Fifth Ascendant comic series–Explore the imaginative world of Drina in this exciting fantasy steam punk epic!
The Fifth Ascendant - Skytowne 2021 final

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Diabolic Shrimp has a brand new Youtube channel where I get to interview our authors!  Here, I interview Mike Kimmel, professional actor and screenwriter!

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Looking for a good book?  Check out our What’s New page!

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