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Welcome to Joshua Grant’s official author website!

Diabolic Shrimp is an imprint dedicated to making a tangible difference for humankind while also pumping out some fun literature. ¬†Each of my publications dedicates a percentage of its profits to a meaningful cause. ¬†Additionally, Diabolic Shrimp seeks to send shrimp to space, but that hasn’t happened…yet.

Check out Publications to see my books, or Our Difference to see what each book’s percentage is going to.

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Pandora is available now on Amazon.com!

Evil is rising. ¬†Festival cruise ship¬†Emerald Rose takes a lone survivor aboard after a daring rescue. ¬†But only too late do they realize the survivor isn’t who, or what, he appears to be, and that his intentions are less than kind or grateful. ¬†Find out more on the book landing page here!

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