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Ajitha Amarnath is usually calm and composed outside, but is LOUD inside. She loves to give life to those deep thoughts and basic emotions which people often leave unsaid in their daily conversations and relationships. She is a keen observer of the subtle changes around her and sees the World from different viewpoints with scrupulous attention to detail. Just as much as she is impressed with all the goodness in the World, she deeply admires the beauty of every word that helps to convey even the slightest emotion of the mind. She also yearns to hear constructive feedback from the best critics to improve her works. Being a graduate in Mathematics and a post-graduate in Master of Computer Applications, she initially started her career in Software Development, later went on to pursue a career of her dreams, involving her real passion in drawing, reading, writing and designing creatives for the Digital Media. She’s also a Painting Artist, a Veena and Piano player. She has now begun to indulge more in daily writing as her way of self-expression, kindled by the long days of lockdown and uncertainty. She hails from a very loving and supportive family in the God’s Own Country and is now happily settled with her beloved Husband in the City of Dreams.

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  1. Thank you so much Joshua for this wonderful gesture. It uplifts me to know that you are encouraging budding writers too to keep writing. Gratitude 😊🙏🌟 I am happy to be a part of this community. Warm regards, Ajitha Amarnath

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