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Dear Reader, I hope this Title has kindled your curiosity just like it did to me. The word “AMARANTHINE” resembles a deep purple-red colour, the most beautiful word I have ever come across in my life and it has instantly stuck with me for reasons very obvious. It means Unfading, Undying, Infinite, Immortal, Everlasting and Eternally beautiful.

Have you ever felt you don’t like, admire or value yourself? Have you ever cried yourself to sleep, been ignored, been judged, struggled hard with emotions and relationships? Have you ever tried and failed many times, to heal yourself from past trauma or pain and been so sad that it always hurts inside? Are you tired of pleasing people and explaining your decisions to them? Are you tired of dealing with people who never understand or believe in you? Are you tired of adjusting for those people who will never appreciate you? Are you feeling hopeless, that you will ever be out of this mess or worry? Are you feeling right now, that you will never be able to find your peace and happiness in life?

If you are wishing to face the future challenges with a more open and enlightened spirit. Then, this book of insightful quotes is just for you. I have been there too and was stuck in my mind for years and one fine day I moved on, to find my own Sunshine. You can find yours too, you just need to tweak the way you are thinking right now. AMARANTHINE THOUGHTS highlights all the blessings one can be grateful for and all the emotional challenges one can possibly face in one’s lifetime. I have just tried to sow a seed of thought or rather attempted to nudge you a bit, before you take any decision that you or your loved ones may regret for life. You alone are responsible for your happiness. Everyday is a new chance to face life with a BIG SMILE, because your Life Is Still Beautiful and what lies ahead is always much better than what has been left behind.

So let’s get started, sit back and enjoy the ride and please don’t forget to leave your constructive comments and valuable feedback to help me serve you better.

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