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The Careless Fraudster

The Russian billionaire seemed likeable enough, but appearances can be deceptive. Steven Palmer works for a niche consultancy specialising in working in places others avoid. A Russian oligarch interested in working with a high-tech British manufacturer leads Palmer to Siberia and then chance encounter in a Moscow nightclub. Palmer’s unexpected friendship with the Russian billionaire … More The Careless Fraudster

John Hopkins

John was born in the Midlands and now lives in south London with his partner. He studied physics, and now works in the IT industry. An avid reader, The Careless Fraudster is his first novel. John is working on a second novel. Read John’s Books! The Careless Fraudster

Sotto Voce

Sotto Voce is a dreamer. They have always wanted to experience the world in person or through imagination. Having been moving around since they were young, they have difficulty identifying only one place as home, so instead of being associated with a specific place or culture, home is where the loved ones and the dog … More Sotto Voce

The Nomad: Book Two

In The Nomad: Book Two Zara is on the run. She must go to great lengths, travel great distances on an assortment of odd space vessels and hop from one planet to the next in order to elude the relentless bounty hunters who will stop at nothing to collect the enormous price that has been placed on … More The Nomad: Book Two

The Nomad: Book One

“An interstellar odyssey across time and space…a bold and adventurous vision of humanity’s future history, tapping into elements of sci-fi, philosophy, and pop culture…a deeply creative premise, savage plot twists, and a narrative style that playfully bends the boundaries of storytelling” –Self-Publishing Review Zara is a star-shooter—a member of an elite class of space workers … More The Nomad: Book One