Through the stories of others, we aim to inspire, heal, enlighten, and nurture the human spirit.
This platform was created to share personal nonfiction stories, daily diary activities, and open letters.


Whether you’re looking for a moral compass or a brave step to heal your heart, this platform will warmly bring us together.

Our platform allows you to:

1) Write an open letter
If you have a challenge for which you feel you have a strong situation, you may choose to make it public or want to write a letter thanking your family. We guarantee it won’t go unrecognized.

2) Daily Diary
YouOpenUp is the place to be if you’ve ever wanted to vent, reflect, or grow. Writing a diary can be innovative, effective, and therapeutic. It’s a great means to express yourself and keep track of what is on your mind, what you want, what you’ve done, and what you’ve accomplished.

3) Personal Stories
YouOpenUp allows you to share your story and assist others in navigating their journeys. By sharing your experiences, you help yourself heal and give others the chance to grow, learn, and experience healing as well-or just to read other people’s experiences.


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