Shadow Ghouls of Nergus Review


Shadow Ghouls of Nergus

Asa Rodriguez

Asa Rodriguez tells a great tale of what lies at the heart of power and individuality with the fantasy epic Shadow Ghouls of Nergus!  Benjamin Jones returns and delves deeper into the darker side of the world as he attempts to save his friend Jake from the shadowy realm of Nergus.  This adventure is fraught with danger and a whole slew of new creatures and villains.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to see the Benjamin Jones series evolve over time with each installment offering an interesting new layer.  This time around, it was fascinating to see Benjamin grow more into the role of godhood and to get a greater glimpse at the war between gods and demons!  I also love the depth of the spiritual insights offered in this series, and Shadow Ghouls adds a new aspect to this as it explores the concept of reality itself in a way that leaves you thinking.  If you love epic fantasy packed full of creatures and exciting battles, but also an interesting spiritual exploration, definitely come scour the dark depths with Shadow Ghouls of Nergus!

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