Spontania Issue 2: A Big Conspiracy in a Small Town Review


Spontania Issue 2: A Big Conspiracy in a Small Town

Carl Paolino

Carl Paolino returns superhero comics to the glory days of gorgeous art and masterful storytelling with the exciting second issue of Spontania!  A town is rocked by a recent school shooting, but the near tragedy may only be a front for something more sinister.  Now it falls to Spontania dynamic duo Elkie and Marsha to uncover the real mastermind behind the seemingly random act of violence.  I loved the first issue of Spontania, especially in the way that it felt like a throwback to classic comic storytelling where there was a greater focus on the characters and deeper issues!  Spontania Issue 2 doesn’t disappoint as we follow the investigation into the school shooting and we get to see Elkie and Marsha’s friendship grow.  That being said, there are plenty of awesome fight scenes in there to make any action fans happy, and all of it told through incredible art.  If you love superhero stories with depth or conspiracy thrillers, definitely strap on your alter ego and investigate Spontania!

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