2023 Shrimpy Award Winner Maria Bouroncle

Maria Bouroncle was born in 1965 in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.  She has lived in Washington D.C. since 2002.  An economist by profession, Maria—who spent over 25 years in the field of international development—published her first book in 2018, and subsequently decided to pursue her passion for writing professionally.  “It Came to Me on … More 2023 Shrimpy Award Winner Maria Bouroncle


Re-Write employs practical strategies using evidence-based methodologies with psychological theory within a human-centered design framework. Not long ago, cognitive behavioral therapy and medication management were the mainstays for trauma-informed care. Now more than ever, patients and clinicians alike are seeking deeper, more somatic, and holistic attachment theory-based forms of treatment to re-write the trauma narrative, … More Re-Write

Marelo Review

Marelo Eileen Troemel Eileen Troemel brings us a tale of troubled love (and dragons!) with the intriguing short fantasy romance Marelo!  Marelo has come to a beach cove to study water dragons, but is met with resistance from Bandor who fears encroachment on the habitat.  But despite the tension, love grows between them in this … More Marelo Review