Weasel Words

Those weasels are up to something… Between them, Bernard and Melody Earls have looks, charm, brains . . . everything but money. That’s why they steal from the rich and give to themselves. So when Alexander Hamilton Plaskett hires them to nick a silver statuette of a pine marten from his brother Paul Revere Plaskett, … More Weasel Words


Explore the next life lesson in the Dreambuilt Kids Series! For Ages 3-9… Lucy and her favorite stuffed animal, Lou, do everything together. While on a family cruise, the wind sweeps her stuffed animal off into the ocean where is lost forever.Join Lucy in a story about grief and loss, as she navigates moving forward while … More Lost


Join the pups and Henry as the prepare for moving day! “With every new adventure, there is a chance to learn, grow & change.” For Ages 3-9, Henry’s family is moving to a new house! Walter, Finley, and Phoebe get a little nervous about the change, but no one more so that Walter. This is a book … More Home


Grab the children’s book that celebrates the strong values of love! “It’s the roots that keep you grounded when life sends you a storm and the feeling that keeps your heart open and warm.” Open the pages of our next adventure… Henry and Lucy are asked to stand up at a wedding! Together they discover … More Celebrate


“You are stronger than you think. You are braver than you feel.” Grab the next big read about resiliency and kindness! Lucy has a bully at school. After struggling to deal with it, she goes to her mom for help. This story is about kindness, compassion and resiliency; it is a reminder that all people are … More Kind


When doing it alone is simply too hard, teamwork is the answer! Follow the story of three dogs as they rescue Phoebe’s favorite ball! Phoebe can’t find her favorite tennis ball, Walter and Finley come to help find and rescue it! This story is about teamwork; it is a reminder that teams require different skills … More Rescue

PB & J

“You can do anything, anytime, any day!” Grab this Children’s Book and join Lucy as she tries to get the jelly jar open! For ages 3-9… She wants to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but can’t get the lid off the jar. No matter how many times she asks her parents for help, … More PB & J


“But if you always trust your gut, it will take care of you wherever you go.” Join Henry on his adventure to understanding intuition! For ages 3-9… Henry didn’t understand what his mom meant when she said his guts would tell him what to do. Then at recess, his guts help him to make the … More Guts

Christine Reynebeau

I grew up in Green Bay, WI, graduated from the University of Wisconsin- River Falls in December 2012 with a Bachelor of Science- Animal Science, and have worked in the youth development field, for both the YMCA and Boy Scouts of America. I currently work for UW-Stevens Point at Wausau. ​In 2013, I was accepted … More Christine Reynebeau