Positive Vision

Poor eyesight never impacted author Ken Brandt’s vision of what life could be. Positive Vision makes a rollicking good read from cover to cover. Whether galloping across the Montana range, exploring claustrophobic (and fiery!) caverns, chasing a thief through the streets of 1980s New York, or taking a plunge from a plane, his adventures are … More Positive Vision

Ken Brandt

Ken Brandt has led a fun and adventurous life and had a successful business career despite (or perhaps in part because of!) his bad eyes. He has always had poor vision and slightly crossed eyes, had six eye operations (including a detached retina and cataract operation in each eye), and spent parts of his life legally … More Ken Brandt

Captain Lyman Stuart

Lyman (Tadd) was born and raised in upstate New York; the Finger Lakes and Lake Ontario were his childhood playground and where his love for sailing began. It seems sailing was a Stuart trait, with father, grandfather, uncles, and cousins all took part in sailing throughout their lives. For the majority of Lyman’s life, he … More Captain Lyman Stuart

Weasel Words

Those weasels are up to something… Between them, Bernard and Melody Earls have looks, charm, brains . . . everything but money. That’s why they steal from the rich and give to themselves. So when Alexander Hamilton Plaskett hires them to nick a silver statuette of a pine marten from his brother Paul Revere Plaskett, … More Weasel Words


Explore the next life lesson in the Dreambuilt Kids Series! For Ages 3-9… Lucy and her favorite stuffed animal, Lou, do everything together. While on a family cruise, the wind sweeps her stuffed animal off into the ocean where is lost forever.Join Lucy in a story about grief and loss, as she navigates moving forward while … More Lost


Join the pups and Henry as the prepare for moving day! “With every new adventure, there is a chance to learn, grow & change.” For Ages 3-9, Henry’s family is moving to a new house! Walter, Finley, and Phoebe get a little nervous about the change, but no one more so that Walter. This is a book … More Home


Grab the children’s book that celebrates the strong values of love! “It’s the roots that keep you grounded when life sends you a storm and the feeling that keeps your heart open and warm.” Open the pages of our next adventure… Henry and Lucy are asked to stand up at a wedding! Together they discover … More Celebrate