The Fibonacci Murders

“I start with zero. Nobody dies today.” The strange note was just the beginning. Soon Howard County, Maryland Detective Lieutenant Rick Peller is in pursuit of a cunning killer basing murders on the Fibonacci series, a mathematical sequence in which each number is the sum of the preceding two. And all Peller knows for sure … More The Fibonacci Murders

Dale E Lehman

Dale E. Lehman writes mystery, science fiction, and occasional nonfiction. His Howard County Mystery series, set in Howard County, Maryland, includes “The Fibonacci Murders,” “True Death,” and “Ice on the Bay.” His fourth Howard County Mystery is in the works, along with a science fiction/humor novel about a hapless opera company trying to make it … More Dale E Lehman

Secrets of the Valley

The hunt is over. Commander Thorne and his Warriors barely escaped the Old Sequoia Valley with their lives. But Thorne will soon find out that his troubles have only just begun. The Peton Elders are hiding something. Can Thorne trust his Warriors? Can he trust his own father? With winter on the horizon, Thorne must … More Secrets of the Valley

Hunted in the Valley

At age sixteen, Ravyn has been running all her life. First, from her home and family in Terran, then from General Wolfe, who wants, more than anything, to exploit her biggest secret. Escaping into the infamous Old Sequoia Valley, Ravyn cannot trust anyone. She mustn’t seek friendship. She can’t allow herself to grow close to … More Hunted in the Valley

C.R. Pugh

C.R. Pugh grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia where she graduated high school. After graduating college she moved to Texas and began her teaching career. Ms. Pugh never imagined becoming a writer and, in fact, hated most of her literature classes growing up! ​It was the growing popularity of Harry Potter and, later on, Hunger … More C.R. Pugh


A novella that shares the origin story of how the team, known by their collective call sign: Wrecking Crew, came together. After working together for many years, some of the team members have a failure to communicate even while looking each other in the eyes. What has them at odds? Can their mentor bring them … More Genesis

Wings of Eagles

Is the city prepared for what the future may hold? Combining their experiences, Mac, former US Navy SEAL, and J.T., former NEST team member collaborate on a scenario that they believe could happen in their hometown. Will the powers-that-be take it to heart or will the city suffer the consequences? Read Wings of Eagles!

Storm Warning

The six-member team of former US military, with elite training, formed into a CIA special operations team known by their collective call sign, Wrecking Crew. An unusual overseas mission has put them at odds with their own government. Will it come down to fighting domestic enemies in addition to the foreign ones? Read Storm Warning!