Point Blank Review


Point Blank

Blair Denholm

Ever inventive mystery maker Blair Denholm crafts a wonderfully twisting whodunnit with Point Blank!  The green isn’t the only thing with holes in it as off duty detective Jack Lisbon rushes to the sound of gunshots on a country club golf course.  Arriving on the scene, he finds multiple dead…shot by a remote piloted drone no less.  It has been a lot of fun to see the Jack Lisbon series evolve over time, and I’m always surprised at how Denholm can surprise me with each installment.  My favorite aspect of this one was how Denholm incorporated modern elements like the gun-mounted drone but still kept that sort of noir feel, especially with the intrigue surrounding a love triangle.  If you love tough-talking detectives, sports, or murder mysteries, charge up that cart and take a swing at Point Blank!

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