Found By The Road Review


Found By The Road

Dale Lehman

Dale Lehman captivates us once more with a collection of strange, exciting, and downright creepy short stories in Found By The Road!  Roads are strange things.  They both connect us with one another, but can also be extremely dangerous or sinister.  Lehman masterfully tells thirty-one tales that surround a mysterious road.  I loved the variety of these, as some are heartwarming, others are strange, and some spooky.  If you travel long enough on a road, you’ll see it bend and the scenery will drastically change.  That’s how I felt reading Found By The Road, and it was a really fun journey getting to see things change throughout the book and seeing where the journey was taking me!  If you love short stories with a vast variety, or even if you just love road trips, fire up those engines and take to the highway with Found By The Road!

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