The Other Notebook: Some Spooky Stories Review


The Other Notebook: Some Spooky Stories

Jamey Boelhower

Jamey Boelhower plunges us into a great variety of dark and creepy tales with The Other Notebook: Some Spooky Stories!  Boelhower has always harnessed the power of variety and depth with his stories and poetry, and now we see that in the realm of horror.  I really enjoyed seeing what creepy thing would be lurking on the next page.  There are possessed dolls and strange moons and shadows that have come to life.  One of my favorite things in this collection of quick reads was Boelhower’s use of discrepancy, that eerie feeling where something starts to go from normal and understandable to otherworldly, creepy, or wrong.  Boelhower has mastered this to a science as his characters find themselves in strange and creepy situations!  I also enjoyed how Boelhower mixes a healthy dose of really short stories into the collection.  It was fun getting to read a longer story and get a deeper look at a situation or character, but then get to refresh with micro stories that somehow could be equally as disquieting as their larger counterparts.  If you love horror stories, especially the brand that scares through the clever use of suspense and tension, definitely come crack open The Other Notebook!

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