Mistaken for the Devil of New Orleans Review


Mistaken for the Devil of New Orleans

Vanessa Ashers

Vanessa Ashers builds a truly intriguing and steamy magical romantic world with Mistaken for the Devil of New Orleans!  Clay Lenoir bartends for the front company of a secret organization.  But when his mysterious empathic abilities draw him to Ashlyn Deveau, a woman seeking answers about who she really is, both are drawn into a dangerous plot.  I personally love a good romance, but I especially love plots like Ashers’ where there is more going on!  Intrigue and magic are packed into this fascinating world set against the colorful backdrop of New Orleans, and I was as drawn by the mystery as Ashlyn was!  There’s a whole other world happening here amongst ours, which served to deepen the growing connection between Clay and Ashlyn.  If you love romance or anything supernatural or urban fantasy, definitely come explore the secret side of the Big Easy with the Devil of New Orleans!

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