Angelina’s Secret Review


Angelina’s Secret

Diane Merrill Wigginton

Diane Merrill Wigginton draws us into a historical romance packed with intrigue and heart-pounding moments with Angelina’s Secret!  Angelina Stewart is hailed as a hero after saving a ship from a terrible pirate, but she has a secret that is unbecoming of a Lady of her era, a secret she must lie to protect.  Captain Jude Deveraux is also living a double life, one the decorated hero and the other a dreadful pirate.  Now the two’s lives are colliding in a romance filled with intrigue.  I love a good period piece, and I also love a good romance that has more going on than just the romantic journey, and Wigginton combines both masterfully!  There is plenty of tension in this one, both societal intrigue and romantic, and the characters are very catchy and fun to follow!  All around, if you love pirates, classic societal romance, and a healthy dose of intrigue, definitely come keep your loose lips from sinking ships with Angelina’s Secret!

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