Enimnori: Discovery Review


Enimnori: Discovery

Jeff Webber

Jeff Webber further fleshes out the intriguing fantasy world of Enimnori with a new adventure in Enimnori: Discovery!  Scott has been pulled into a strange fantasy realm filled with magic and monsters, a world he has grown fond of as well as the people within it.  But when magicians Brandon and Morgan contrive a potential way for Scott to return home, he joins them on an expedition into an unexplored wilderness filled with danger and intrigue.  Webber has a lot of great characters, and he fills his fantasy world with some very relatable people which I enjoy, but it was fun to see the world take center stage in this addition!  Getting to explore into a mysterious wilderness always catches my attention, and Webber packed some great surprises along the perilous journey.  If you love fantasy, especially the ‘journey’ flavor of fantasy, definitely come strap on your adventuring boots with Enimnori: Discovery!

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