Brothers After All Review


Brothers After All

Kathryn Foster

Kathryn Foster brings us a gripping look at a post-apocalyptic world and the struggle of the Native American people with Brothers After All!  An EMP strike has crippled the United States’ power grid, transforming the nation overnight into a frontier world reminiscent of the past.  Now a power hungry element of the country is hellbent on recreating some of the past atrocities leaving a band of Native American people to fight back with the determination that this time will be different.  Foster builds a really interesting different take on the post apocalyptic formula that’s compelling and highlights Native American culture really well!  It was interesting to see how history (unfortunately the darker parts of it) could repeat if humanity loses our connection to electricity and internet.  Yet, this is a novel about hope and what could be as we see people of all backgrounds unite for a better purpose.  This is a gripping tale, perfect for fans of both post-apocalyptic lit and Native American culture!

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