When Your Soul Begins to Glide Review


When Your Soul Begins to Glide

Russell C. Brennan

Russell C. Brennan dazzles us with a host of deep and emotional poems in When Your Soul Begins to Glide!  The title of this one is very fitting as it’s very full of soul.  Brennan captures the wide range of the human heart very well, drawing up mental images like ‘they walk around with painted smiles but the paint never dries.’  There were a lot of ‘aha’ moments packed into this quick read, and I think people who don’t usually even enjoy poetry would actually like this one!  There is also a great variety within Brennan’s latest poetry collection as he travels from deep emotion to fantasy to even sci fi (with a decent splash of erotica peppered without the pages).  If you’re looking for an emotional ride this season, come tap it out with Brennan in When Your Soul Begins to Glide!

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