2022 Shrimpy Award Winner Jamey Boelhower


Jamey Boelhower is a poet and independent author with numerous published works to his name.

Not only is Jamey a prolific writer but also he has been an educator for over 20 years. Although his focus is on poetry, Jamey has also made a name for himself with his compelling blogs and popular fictional novel “Under the Lights”.

Throughout his career, Jamey has delved into a variety of topics, including family, heartache, and the mysteries of life. Jamey is well-known for challenging his readers’ perspectives and inspiring them to see things in a deeper way.

As a loving husband and father of six, Jamey enjoys spending his free time with his family. Currently, he is working on new works that will be released soon.

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2022 Shrimpy Award Winning Entry (excerpt from Dadlife)


  1. Our greatest fear is that we will fade to nothing,

so we build trophy cases for our memories.

Yet, the frames and golden idols turn grey

under a blanket of dust made of dead skin and hair

from the bodies sitting in chairs staring at phones.

  1. Energy fills the darkness outside the spotlight

Only 18, he is transformed into a Russian Jew.

A fiddler follows him as he sings us through

a lifetime none of us knew. A young man with

power to channel universal history on a stage.

  1. She holds the cold in her hands, letting her

nails turn blue. She returns to her room, art table

a throne to her worlds. Mixing water with color

till she feels winter on her cheeks. With strokes

God would be proud of, she creates life.

  1. He understood that they saw him as a charity

case. The rows of books beckoned him to walk

for hours. He hated the sound of the doors locking

behind him. He prayed with every step home that

the latest knight had drowned in the rye.

  1. The twist of fate is that our expiration date was

smudged when our parents brought us home on that

first day. I was taught that tomorrow was the treasure

of this life. Maps were free at the corner store. I learned

that my feet mark the spot, and expiration dates are suggestions.

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