Lessons in Love


The saga at Onondaga State University is far from over.
Laura is hospitalized over her grief from losing her dear friend Travis
Taylor. As her intimate memories of Travis haunt her, she hesitates to
resume her life at the radio station without him. Will her relationship with
another friend take a sudden turn, throwing a wedge between her and
When Tank discovers Abigail made a major decision without consulting
him first, his hurt turns to anger. Yet again, these two friends find
themselves on opposing sides. The only difference this time is, her
boyfriend, Nathan, is not there to support her. As Nathan’s popularity
consumes him on campus, Abigail pulls further away from the football
team. Will Nathan and Tank’s behavior push Abigail into the waiting arms
of the mysterious Kelly Conrad?
Continue the journey with Abigail, Laura, and their friends at Onondaga
State University as they close the book on their complex sophomore year
and start their junior year off with an unforgettable bang!

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