The Good Witch of Ebony Island


A fantastic magical tale, about a beautiful black woman, and man, who inherit a very beautiful tropical island, in the skies. All of this would be wonderful; were it not for the great challenges of growing an African American nation, 3,000 miles north of the moon. Soon as Ethel and Lebron are whisked away from Jordan, via a powerful magic ball, however impressive this journey was, Ethel Glory, wants nothing more than to go back home.

Overtime, she’s not interested in the work it takes to maintain an affluent island. Moreover, The Good Witch Ethel, does not care for The Voice that appointed them such demanding lead roles. Lebron, Ethel’s boyfriend, is impressed to be: Lead Supernatural. The role gives him the momentum and importance, to succeed beyond what he might have achieved in Jordan. However, The Good Witch Ethel, aka queen of Ebony Island, maintains her duties, reluctantly, for one reason. She wants to be with Lebron.

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