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On July 13, 2021, Carol Denise Mitchell became a bestselling author for the first time, when her coming of age story, “Noah, True Love Never Dies,” hit #1 on the top 100 list on Kindle Unlimited. Needless to say, the veteran writer was thrilled to have both “Noah” and “Ruthless Pamela Jean” post on the top 100 free Kindle Unlimited sites at the same time. In fact, “Ruthless Pamela Jean,” hit the same list at #2 – two-days prior. “CD Mitchell” has authored many books aimed to enhance her many reader’s enjoyment, education and entertainment. The prolific author, called “the walking dictionary,” by some was born on May 12, 1955, in Los Angeles, California. One, of 16 children, Carol Denise Mitchell, is the daughter of the late: Zebbie Thomas Charles, Sr., and Tasceaie Carise Charles.

Mitchell was born during the noteworthy era of the Civil Rights Movement, and is the extolled writer of the lauded self-help guide, “Your Rights, What Employers Do Not Want You To Know.” During an interview with the Oakland, Tribune, Mitchell recalled living in an urban setting in Compton and Watts, California, during an era in American history when growing up in the “Ghetto,” became a motivating influence behind her lauded award-winning writing career. Mitchell corroborated police brutality and disenfranchisement, when during three-days of rioting in August 1965, those insurrections and the after-effects of such insurgencies changed her life.

Mitchell contends how she was encouraged by her mother, a Licensed Vocational Nurse, (LVN) that insisted degradation, and urban ruin, was an opportunity for us all to grow. After this pivotal time in history, Mitchell grew steadily, leaving her imprint on fighting illiteracy care of her father, a World War II veteran. Mitchell wrote many notable novels, including the acclaimed book: “Your Rights, What Employers do not want you to know.” This book remains the go-to bible for fans, lawyers, and unions throughout the United States work industry. In 1983, Mitchell chronicled her early life occurrences in an award-winning novel, “What Happened to Suzy,” winning nationwide praise for its’ message of healing and hope. The book was inducted into the nation’s Library of Congress, The Jefferson and Washington Room(s) archives.

In Oakland, California, Mitchell worked alongside slain newspaper Editor, Chauncey Bailey as a news reporter for [Soul Beat]. She was highlighted in The Oakland Post Newspaper for her groundbreaking work as one of the nation’s most prolific, iconic African American writer(s) in the Bay Area. Moreover, Mitchell is an expert niche writer for E-zine Articles. Her latest projects are represented on her author’s page, on Outside the United States, Mitchell’s books have garnered buyers in Australia, The United Kingdom, Italy and, virtually around the world. Mitchell currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

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