Sisters of Angst


∞ When you walk into battle, you must always know that you may not walk out again ∞

Five years have passed since the destruction of the evil wizard Ramikain. Treya Fimarr left her adventures behind with his fall and never looked back, peace and fulfillment finally within her grasp; but maybe the past is not finished with her yet.

As strangers arise with an unhealthy interest in what occurred in the Black Citadel, the twisted mutants created by the necromancer’s evil powers also resurface. The two events cannot be simple coincidence and all evidence points to a new dark power that could eclipse Ramikain entirely.

Voluntarily or not, the haunted Treya must once again assemble her disparate kin, her Sisters of Angst, and lead them into a head-on collision with evil to save Primedia.

Is such a reunion of the Fimarr sisters even possible after the last five years? And what hope can there be when their enemy is already on the verge of victory?

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