Daughters of Legacy


∞ I’m not much for prophecies and curses; we need to kill this monster so that my family are out of danger. Are you with me? ∞

The legendary hero, Rork Fimarr, has finally succumbed to age. Survived by his four dysfunctional daughters, his Daughters of Legacy, the women find themselves drawn together to mourn his passing.

The powerful necromancer, Ramikain, ancient nemesis of Rork the legend, resurfaces in the dark lands to the North, twisting the land, the animals upon it and even the minds of men with his foul influence.

The world of Primedia is no longer as they once knew it, and its future lies in the hands of the Fimarr sisters. Farmer, child, prostitute and assassin must reunite to battle the darkness of their father’s past.

How much can the sisters endure together with their fragile family bonds? And will they be able to put aside their differences to stand as one and face their destiny?

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