Children of Serendipity


∞ We are all waiting for death, and it will take us when it chooses. If you fear it, you should not have come 

For eleven years, the Kingdom has known harmony. The Fimarr sisters have rebuilt their lives in the peace they earned, never looking back at the actions of the past. But it seems the past is not quite finished with them yet.

Mazt has led his People to the shores of the Free Lands, vengeance at the theft of the Rondure his only desire. As he wages a campaign of destruction upon the Fimarrs’ homeland, there appears to be no limit to his cruelty or the forces he can bring to bear.

Once again, Treya Fimarr is forced to act, even if only to preserve her family, and must unite her kin to face this new threat. But, as vast armies prepare to make war, all is not as it seems, dark forces working in the shadows to unhinge all hope of survival.

Can the daughters of Rork Fimarr stand together once more against the greatest threat so far? What part do the teenage Kastani, Joseff and Melody have to play? And who are the manipulators behind the scenes pushing the Fimarrs into this explosive climax?

Children of Serendipity is the conclusion of the Fimarr Trilogy; all roads will end, all stories will be concluded and all bets are off…

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