The Short Story Emporium


Historical twists. Tactical tyranny. Gruesome deaths
Discover a collection of eight stories that become more fascinating and engaging one after the other…

Nightstalkers & Lycanhawks– a bloody battle between cowboy vampires and Indian werewolves
Labyrinth of Torture- A notorious serial killer is on the prowl
The Liberationist– An over-zealous king must flee his own country
The Kryptonite Room– An egomaniac seeks revenge on an ignorant society

Solitary Confession– A preacher tries to change a small town with unholy beliefs
The Hercules Hotel– A mogul with OCD turns his plane into a hotel
The Golden Ballroom– A baron holds a lavish New Years’ Eve party to die for…
Dead President’s Society– lesser-known presidents are resurrected to become detectives to retrieve an important artifact.

The Short Story Emporium is a book of short stories in various genres. All are intriguing fictional tales but some have real life accounts that have been dramatized to add a unique re-telling. If you enjoy variety and reality with a fun twist then you’ll enjoy this interesting anthology.

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