The Wax Menagerie


A group of friends lost in a mysterious haunted forest. Can they evade the paranormal labyrinth filled with spirits that could seal their doom?

Dmitri and his friends barely escaped with their lives. Now they encounter wild animals, ghosts, and other strange phenomena lurking all around them. The deeper into the woods they travel, the more Dmitri fears that things may be getting dangerously worse…

With tensions running high, darkness descends and the team suddenly realizes that the supernatural has made itself known. Uncertain of what else they may experience, Dmitri’s terrified he’s led them from one extreme to another and this time it could be the end…

Can they make it out alive, or will death finally find them?

The Wax Menagerie is the second book in the chilling Wax Factory series. If you enjoyed the first book or are a fan of horror adventure and suspense that keeps you guessing then you’ll love book two of this dark series.

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