The Deadwood Chronicles: The Crimson Cage

The Crimson Cage

In a world forever changed after the cataclysmic events of The Great Shift, hope fades as humanity grapples with a harsh and merciless land. In this unforgiving reality, strength is everything, the weak becoming prey as survival becomes a relentless struggle. Some small communities cling to their existence, whilst others venture into the unforgiving wilderness alone. The values of trust, charity and kindness have been forgotten, instead replaced with one brutal truth; kill or be killed. A stark imbalance within the sexes emerged, leading to the enslavement of women who were now traded and sold like commodities, paraded from village to village in a twisted world of servitude.

Within the malevolent Carnival Diablo, we meet Ava and her sisters whose lives are dictated by the mysterious Ringmaster, a dangerous enigma who holds absolute dominion over the moving spectacle. Known to the masses as the Little Birds, Ava and her sisters spend their lives looking out through the iron bars of captivity, forced to dance and perform before hardened men. As Ava’s seventeenth birthday approaches, she must face up to a horrifying truth; her virginity will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, marking the beginning of a nightmarish existence. From then on, private dances won’t just be for dancing.

Bound together by their shared captivity, Ava and her sisters yearn for freedom, to be able to break free from their cage and shed the chains which bind them. Their only hope comes in the form of a group of Paragons, an elite force for good in this corrupted world. But can Ava and her sisters survive in this world without their bars to protect them?

“The Crimson Cage” is a gripping tale of resilience, sacrifice and the unyielding fight for freedom in this new world. Will Ava and her sisters find the strength to escape the Ringmaster’s sinister grasp and soar above the suffocating tendrils of the Carnival Diablo, or will they fall back into the darkness?

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