Into the Fog of Charon

Eighteen-year-old Jimmy Black and his best friend Quincy Miller are the MVPs in a historic, small-town basketball game against the Lancers of Loganville in North Carolina. Their sights are set on winning the game and hanging out with friends before they head off to college in the fall. Danielle Davis and her fellow cheerleaders watch … More Into the Fog of Charon

Southern Highlands: Obi of Mars Review

Southern Highlands: Obi of Mars Andrew Sweet Andrew Sweet brings us a tense space opera filled with a wonderful blend of politics and character struggles with Southern Highlands: Obi of Mars!  Apryl Sallow seeks to become an admiral in United Africa.  Unfortunately, her shipments of the technology-advancing rhodium are being blocked by the new dictatorial … More Southern Highlands: Obi of Mars Review

Shadows Fall

MY NAME IS ARSHES MEGANE AND I AM IMMORTAL. This all happened before, and everything ended. Six attempts gone – one attempt remains. My mother, Catriona, is finally ready to unlock the secrets of her staff. Mandalee, the cleric of Light, has vowed to protect her. The machinations of the sorceress, Dreya the Dark, span … More Shadows Fall

Shifting Stars

My name is Arshes Megane and I am immortal. My Time Intervention is illegal and dangerous, but I believe it’s the only way to save our world.To begin my justification, I must tell you about my mother, Catriona, a half-Faery magic student, on the best and worst day of her life. The day her home … More Shifting Stars