The Crimson Cage Review

The Crimson Cage

The Deadwood Chronicles: The Crimson Cage

P.V. Bousfield

P.V. Bousfield sets us on a harrowing journey to find freedom and hope in a post apocalyptic world with The Crimson Cage!  The world has been devastated by a mysterious disaster.  In its wake, lawlessness and corruption have taken hold, and women are trafficked as a commodity.  Trapped in the heart of the Carnival Diablo, a terrible human trafficking ring, Ava dreams of freeing her sister’s and her from the clutches of the evil Ringmaster, but to do so must make a daring escape.  This novel is tense and deals with a lot of dark themes, and Bousfield certainly doesn’t pull any punches, but that’s what makes this deeply emotional journey so good!  I yearned for Ava to get free of the evil that has ensnared her, and found myself holding my breath throughout the novel.  This is a dark world, but a fascinating one that shows the true power of freedom and compassion, and its triumphs over real evil.  If you love post apocalyptic fiction with well wrapped worlds and deep characters, definitely come fight for freedom with The Crimson Cage!

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