Madness from the Sea Review

Madness from the Sea: Cthulu’s Lure

Jonathon Cross

Jonathon Cross drops us into the mind of madness and monsters with his exciting modern sequel to Lovecraft’s classic in Madness from the Sea: Cthulu’s Lure!  When Frances begins seeing visions of a dark sleeping god, she sets about trying to reach him and revive the dreaming deity, much to her husband’s horror.  Cross modernizes Lovecraft’s classic with ease and finds the perfect blend of the classic feel and modern narrative flow!  I also love how well Cross builds the tension and creeping feel that is at the heart of any Lovecraft tale, pulling in that growing madness that we all know an love!  If you’re a fan of Lovecraft, monsters, or suspenseful psychological thrillers, definitely follow the call of Cthulu with Madness from the Sea!

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