Unexpected Love Review


Unexpected Love

David Allen Edmonds

David Allen Edmonds brings us a heartwarming and fun romantic comedy with Unexpected Love!  In the smalltown of Benton Center, residents love to gossip about the latest power couple in love, a couple that devises a way to get back at the town.  Meanwhile, another couple falls in love beneath the town’s radar but find themselves wrapped up in the plot at the town’s festival.  Edmonds creates a set of dominos that was loads of fun to watch tumble!  Both romances were cute, and there are tons of heartwarming moments sprinkled in throughout the comedy.  Truly, I could see this story playing out perfectly as a Hallmark film and left me walking away with a smile.  If you love a good lighthearted romance with some fun situations, definitely come join the deception with Unexpected Love!

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