I Know its Daytime Review


I Know It’s Daytime

Kelley Bowles

Kelley Bowles gives us our first step into the intriguing mysterious world of The Meld with I Know It’s Daytime!  Anabelle Fleming is forced to start high school in a new town after her high profile parents’ high profile divorce.  Yet, it’s not enough that she must contend with all the feelings surrounding that, but she begins to see things, strange visions and apparitions surrounding the people she knows.  I loved the discovery and mystery of The Meld, so this prequel was a lot of fun to unpack how all the magic began!  Bowles does a fantastic job balancing the intrigue of the plot with the depth of Anabelle’s emotions and struggles.  If you haven’t read The Meld, I’d recommend checking that out first since the discovery and lore in that book was part of the fun, but I Know It’s Daytime was a really fun standalone book that was a blast to get to dive deeper into the characters and the set up!  If you love magic, strange happenings, and working through emotions, definitely come pull back the veil and explore another strange world with I Know It’s Daytime!

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