Southern Highlands: Obi of Mars Review


Southern Highlands: Obi of Mars

Andrew Sweet

Andrew Sweet brings us a tense space opera filled with a wonderful blend of politics and character struggles with Southern Highlands: Obi of Mars!  Apryl Sallow seeks to become an admiral in United Africa.  Unfortunately, her shipments of the technology-advancing rhodium are being blocked by the new dictatorial leader of Mars, a leader who just so happens to be her abusive ex-lover.  Now Apryl must enter a tense negotiation with a dangerous man who would stop at nothing to have control over her again.  Once again, Sweet accomplishes that wonderful balance of sci fi, space politics, and deep engrossing characters that made Southern Highlands a joy to read!  I love how character-driven this one is, and Apryl was a great character to follow as she struggled against her abusive and villainous ex-lover.  Sweet mentions how this book is a blend of The Ghosts of Mars and Broken Arrow, and I can definitely see those influences play out within this tense and twisting plot (there’s a lot going on in this one and there was always something more than what I expected).  If you love space operas with a great mix of action, character intrigue, and mystery, definitely come land on the big red marble with Southern Highlands: Obi of Mars!

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