Slaves of the Sword and Wand Review


Slaves of the Sword and Wand

Joel Newlon

Gifted fantasy author Joel Newlon sets us out on a new adventure of battles, magic, and the quest for freedom with Slaves of the Sword and Wand!  Dunstan has been a slave to an evil empire since he was a child, forced to fight in battle after battle.  Similarly, Oswynn has been bound to witches serving the same vile empire.  But after a set of events, the two must set out on adventure that will either win their freedom or destroy everything.  Newlon has an incredible gift of driving the story forward through deep and powerful characters.  I loved our two protagonists, and it was nerve-wracking watching them struggle for a freedom they never really had.  Newlon always ties an exciting fantasy adventure together with a meaningful theme like the struggle against slavery, and that paring in this new series had me hooked!  If you love great fantasy characters with interesting struggles and rich vibrant fantasy worlds, definitely come break your chains with Slaves of the Sword and Wand!

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