World of Skies

“We’ve been gifted so much in this world, Elemental Magic and the ability to Fly, the Gods must be generous. But when will we have to face the History of the World?” Meeting his Destined Partner his perfect match and entering Sky Wielder Academy has always been Kaze’s dream, but his time in the Academy … More World of Skies

Tesoro: Secrets of the Hidden Treasure Review

Tesoro: Secrets of the Hidden Treasure Andrea Hintz Andrea Hintz throws us into a high-flying treasure hunting adventure reminiscent of Uncharted or National Treasure with Tesoro: Secrets of the Hidden Treasure!  Daphne Bleau takes a stab at adventuring by travelling with her uncle, cousin, and love interest in search of long lost riches.  Simultaneously, we … More Tesoro: Secrets of the Hidden Treasure Review

Mistake in Time Review

Mistake in Time Anna Faversham Anna Faversham throws us back in time with the fun and heartwarming romance Mistake in Time!  Liberty Taffet wants to escape her heartbreaking crush.  Yet, she wasn’t expecting to escape by being thrown back in time to the 60s without her memory, being pursued by two mysterious figures nonetheless.  It’s … More Mistake in Time Review

Writers’ Edge

Novelist, Ann Montgomery, uncovers a sinister plot that leads her to an island run by a madman who will stop at nothing to get his next murderous story. Read Writers’ Edge!

Shadows Fall

MY NAME IS ARSHES MEGANE AND I AM IMMORTAL. This all happened before, and everything ended. Six attempts gone – one attempt remains. My mother, Catriona, is finally ready to unlock the secrets of her staff. Mandalee, the cleric of Light, has vowed to protect her. The machinations of the sorceress, Dreya the Dark, span … More Shadows Fall

Shifting Stars

My name is Arshes Megane and I am immortal. My Time Intervention is illegal and dangerous, but I believe it’s the only way to save our world.To begin my justification, I must tell you about my mother, Catriona, a half-Faery magic student, on the best and worst day of her life. The day her home … More Shifting Stars