Writers’ Edge

Novelist, Ann Montgomery, uncovers a sinister plot that leads her to an island run by a madman who will stop at nothing to get his next murderous story. Read Writers’ Edge!

Shadows Fall

MY NAME IS ARSHES MEGANE AND I AM IMMORTAL. This all happened before, and everything ended. Six attempts gone – one attempt remains. My mother, Catriona, is finally ready to unlock the secrets of her staff. Mandalee, the cleric of Light, has vowed to protect her. The machinations of the sorceress, Dreya the Dark, span … More Shadows Fall

Shifting Stars

My name is Arshes Megane and I am immortal. My Time Intervention is illegal and dangerous, but I believe it’s the only way to save our world.To begin my justification, I must tell you about my mother, Catriona, a half-Faery magic student, on the best and worst day of her life. The day her home … More Shifting Stars

I Know it’s Daytime

Anabelle Fleming is starting her first day of high school, but for her it’s a different first day. She’s moved to the small town of Pinewood, Colorado, because her mother, famous writer of thrillers, divorced her father, front man for a monstrously successful rock band. To top it all off, Anabelle hallucinates. She has visions that … More I Know it’s Daytime

The Ice Dragon’s Daughter (Book 2 of The Wingsong Trilogy)

Somewhere in the Far North an ancient secret waits to be discovered…Raised by former pirates, Sam raids pirate ships and rides with dragons. But even living in a valley of dragons and stealing back pirate treasure has become too routine for this young man. His yearning for a quest is fulfilled when he learns of … More The Ice Dragon’s Daughter (Book 2 of The Wingsong Trilogy)

The Owl-Headed Wand

In the land of Yohan, James knows one painful truth above all others — orphans never become apprentices. Abandoned by his parents at eight, James is homeless and alone, with only a gang of delinquents as companions until he is taken in by the kindly Master Wand-maker Othano.Under Othano’s tutelage, James begins to learn all … More The Owl-Headed Wand

The Widow’s Wall

It’s been ten years since David told me our love had run its course. Now he’s back, and the sight of the muscled physique that working as a CIA officer has carved out is a torture all on its own. Unfortunately, there’s no way to escape it–or him. Because clearly, the universe has a sense … More The Widow’s Wall