Crystal Moth Conspiracy: Ash Born Review


Crystal Moth Conspiracy: Ash Born

Konn Lavery

Konn Lavery brings us a fresh and exciting urban fantasy vigilante crime thriller with Crystal Moth Conspiracy: Ash Born!  After going on the run from the cops, Lola finds herself spiraling down a dark rabbit hole of reptilian crime lords, fallen angels, and every other monstrous creep out there.  Allying with a nymph, she begins to uncover a conspiracy that could unravel the very foundations of the city and the world at large!  Lavery is a master of writing gritty thrillers filled with wonderful intrigue!  I loved all the characters in this one and had a wonderful time uncovering every slimy stone in this seedy mystery.  It was really fun to see what classic creature would be reimagined in this dark crime-soaked world.  There’s tension and twists abound in this thriller, and the heroes and villains are both equally engrossing.  This is a fantastic start to a series and I can’t wait to continue along this strange, dark, and fascinating journey into the magical and malicious criminal underbelly of the Crystal Moth Conspiracy!

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