Enimnori: Challenge Review


Enimnori: Challenge

Jeff Webber

Jeff Webber draws us deeper into the epic mash up of distant worlds and magic with Enimnori: Challenge!  In the first book, Scott Hathaway was drawn into a strange alien world filled with sorcerers and magic, where he used his modern knowledge to help sway that world’s history.  Following that up, the second book let us explore deeper into the strange new world.  This is why it was a fun turn of the story where the third book, Challenge, dives deeper into Scott’s character as he struggles to master magic and deals with the loss of being away from his loved ones back on Earth.  I love how Webber makes characters that are likeable and human, and delving further into Scott’s struggle was a nice extension of that.  That’s not to say that Challenge doesn’t have plenty of exploration into its magical world or political intrigue that makes the series great, as we start to see some interesting ramifications start to bubble to the surface here!  Webber has managed to create a really fun blend of fantasy and sci fi with Enimnori, and drawing us further into Scott’s very human struggle makes Challenge an easy and satisfying read!

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