Magenta Skies: Rise of the Berserkers

Magenta Skies

Magenta Skies: Rise of the Berserkers is imbued with a sense of adventure, and is an exciting start to a series that I would highly recommend for the interesting characters alone.

– Literary Titan

Our salvation may lie with the unexpected

Society is on the brink of chaos, a new threat is leaving its malicious mark on the city, and because of historic events, a great and malevolent force has set its gaze upon humanity. All that stands between such perilous evil and our surviving fate is a blind young man who only lives for vengeance, and a group of mentally unstable criminals that have no reason to help us. We must entrust them with a divine power no mortal should ever possess, and we must hope they use it to safeguard us from oblivion. For we have created beings of equal dread, and such abominations should never have been made.

Book 1 of the Berserker Saga

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