World of Skies

World of Skies cover

“We’ve been gifted so much in this world, Elemental Magic and the ability to Fly, the Gods must be generous. But when will we have to face the History of the World?”

Meeting his Destined Partner his perfect match and entering Sky Wielder Academy has always been Kaze’s dream, but his time in the Academy with the cool and handsome Raitei is disrupted by the sudden appearance of a man who calls himself Sky Tainter, who aims to Taint people in the skies with Darkness.

Breaking away from the Academy on an adventure to take down Sky Tainter, Kaze, Raitei along with their companions Lacen and Lucian learn there is more to the darkness in the world than it seems. With their identities and relationships torn apart and turned upside down, overthrowing everything they thought they knew, learning about Sky Tainter is just the beginning.

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