Writers’ Edge Review


Writers’ Edge

Melissa Willis Sell

Melissa Willis Sell throws us into an intense and suspenseful escape from a sinister island with Writers’ Edge!  Following breadcrumbs, writer Ann Montgomery is lead to a secluded island where she discovers not all is well.  Now being held captive by a madman, Ann must find a way to escape.  Sell’s writing always left me breathless one way or another, either with gorgeous description or the tension of Ann trying to get hidden clues and cries of help out through postcards.  I was that kid that would freak out when playing hide and seek, so seeing Ann’s struggle and attempt to get to the dock and steal a boat was intense and had me on edge!  I’ve never used Kindle Vella before, so it was really cool to see how Sell set up this intriguing mystery through the use of that episodic medium.  I hope more people discover this story since it was really intriguing, and I’m glad there is a second one to continue the journey!  If you love suspenseful and tense ‘captive’ stories with really good good characters and really evil bad characters, definitely come stand at the Writers’ Edge!

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