The Crimson Deathbringer Review


The Crimson Deathbringer

Sean Robins

Sean Robins drops us into an intergalactic war with the fun, exciting, and twisting space opera The Crimson Deathbringer!  As Earth is drawn into a space war against an alien menace, it falls to an unlikely group of heroes to save the planet.  Robins takes this tried and true formulas and brings it in new directions with The Crimson Deathbringer.  There are many genuine surprises packed into this book, but it was really the fun and deep characters that took center stage.  I loved our mix of fighter pilots, assassins, and even alien pranksters!  The perfect blend of action, deep character moments, and humor reminded me pleasantly of the Stargate shows (which I adore).  If you love space operas but are also looking for some action and humor, definitely come blast your way through The Crimson Deathbringer!

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