The Captivating Flames of Madness Review


The Captivating Flames of Madness

Jeff Parsons

Jeff Parsons throws us into dozens of chilling worlds with the horror short story collection The Captivating Flames of Madness!  Like an interdimensional traveler, we cruise through the full spectrum of horror from psychopaths to dead gods, aliens to magic.  The journey of this one was fun to walk as I encountered a wonderful variety making every page exciting to see what ghastly thing would crawl out next!  Parsons’ writing is solid and kept my heart pumping as characters realized their lives had been irrevocably changed.  I especially liked the apocalyptic and Lovecraftian vibes to many of the stories as well as the depth Parsons was able to instill in such a short span.  If you love horror, short stories, and creepy tales that make you think, definitely be drawn like a moth to The Captivating Flames of Madness!

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